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For couples who are seeking for a unique wedding, how about considering a buffet style wedding? Buffet style with various types of delicacies will bring your wedding to a whole new sensation.

There are a few benefits to have a buffet style wedding. This is why newlyweds these days prefer buffet style rather than traditional banquet style.





 1. You are able to relax and enjoy your wedding

Traditionally, bride and groom often becomes the most fatigue person in the wedding. Newlyweds and parents are responsible to toast from one table to another with relatives and friends. They are also worried that they failedv to entertain guests of the day.


2. Increase Freshness

Traditionally, wedding should be held in place like hotels where few hundred of people sitting around the table in a circle, toasted, happening. But for many young people, they want their wedding to be unique and creative. Wedding buffet can be as grand as banquet style with some western décor element and romantic atmosphere.


3. Random dining style increase communications

On the wedding buffet, guests are free to move around to pick their favorite foods. According to survey, data shows that buffet style will make the guests to feel more filling and refined. For an outdoor party, the adoption of buffet style obviously makes the atmosphere livelier. Thus, even the numbers of guests are less; it will also give an impression of vigorous to the guests. Guests shuttle between the dining table and seats, creates an opportunity of communication betweens friends that did not know each other.


4. Savings

Newlyweds hope to plan their wedding perfectly mainly to thank their relatives and friends for witness the love of them. Delicacies often wasted on a traditional banquet wedding as the food served per table. While buffet style allows guests to choose their favorite dishes, and have the choice to eat more or less. Moreover, relatives and friends are able to package the leftover food without wasting any food.


5. Avoid peak period of wedding

Wedding is one of the biggest events in your life that only happen for once. Many newlyweds only start looking for hotel and restaurant 6 month in advance. However, for the peak period of wedding season, almost all of the newlyweds choose the same auspicious time causes most of the hotels and restaurants are occupied. To pursue a unique buffet style wedding, you can always choose home stay, country home or your own home, western restaurants and cafes, outdoor garden or beachside, on a yacht or even golf courses.