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A kid’s Birthday Party may not be complete without games and activities. Besides food and cake, kids would also love to attend party for the games and the prizes that they can get from participating. Games are vital for kids as it would be hard for you to ask them remain seated for a long period of time, even while they are eating, as kids are full of energy.

Before inspiring you with some game ideas, let me provide you some tips to plan a kid’s party’s games.

  •  Prepare a game or two where can be participate by parents. Make the adult do some silly things with their kids like limbo rock or ducky dance.
  •  Prepare prizes for everyone, not only the winners but also to those who participated. This will make everyone feel happy. 😉
  •  Make sure you have activities and games while the kids are waiting for the rest of the guests, before the meal, and even after the meal. The kids will surely remember having a blast at the party if you start and end with a fun activity.

Below are some game ideas that you might apply for your child’s birthday party! Let’s get inspired. 😉

1. Switcheroo – Competitive costume swap and eagle-eyed observer come out ahead.

Ages: preschooler

Great for: Ages 4 and up

Number of players: 8 or more

  • Gather a bag of large and small accessories — jewelry, wigs, scarves, ties, ribbons, watches, mittens, sunglasses, sports equipment — then divide the group into two teams. The first team chooses two or three players to put on as many accessories as they can in 30 seconds, in front of the whole group.
  • The dressed-up players then immediately go into another room to trade some of their gear. When they return, their team members have two minutes to identify the switches, earning a point for each correct guess.
  • When time is up, the other team can earn points for any switches they catch that the first team missed, before picking two or three players from their team to be the new costume swappers.

2. Tacos & Bridges – crazy musical chairs-style game

Ages: all-ages

Number of players: The more the merrier. Odd Number, At least 7, but not a number divisible by 3.

  • Choose one person to be the caller. At “Go,” the whole group scatter around the play area, until the caller yells out “Tacos” or “Bridges.” All players, including the caller, must then scramble to get into a three-person taco or bridge formation (see illustrations). Whichever player is not in a trio becomes the new caller.
  • Taco: Two players hold hands to be the taco shell, and a third player stands between them as the filling.
  • Bridge: Two players make an arch for the bridge, and a third player crouches beneath them as the water.

Variations: Make spaghetti — two players are noodles, sitting with legs outstretched, feet touching; the third sits in the middle as the meatball.

3. Pass the Parcel – A cross between hot potato and musical chairs
Pass the Parcel is the quintessential icebreaker that gives everyone the opportunity to be silly. This homespun version is great for birthday parties, family reunions, or just some after-dinner fun.
Things you need:
  • Large chocolate bar or another prize that everyone can share
  • Black marker
  • Brown grocery bags, at least two per player
  • Radio or CD player

How to play:

  • To prepare, put the prize in a bag and write the following on the bag’s front: “Share with everyone after you make someone in the circle laugh without talking or tickling.”
  • Stuff the bag inside another and write a different silly task on the front of the second bag, such as “Sing ‘Row Your Boat’ while doing jumping jacks” or “Pretend to make and eat a 3-foot-tall peanut butter sandwich.” (We have more suggestions here.)
  • Repeat this stuffing and labeling until you have at least two tasks per player, then pack the finished parcel in an unlabeled grocery bag.
  • To play, have everyone sit in a circle, then play music while the group passes the parcel.
  • Stop the music, and whoever is holding the parcel pulls off one bag, reads aloud the task that’s revealed, then stands in the middle of the circle and performs that task.
  • Repeat this process until the final bag has been revealed.
  • After the final task is performed, everyone can share the prize from the parcel’s center.

4. Walking on Air 

Things you need:

  • Four 7-inch balloons
  • Rimmed baking sheet

How to play:

  • First, blow up the balloons to equal size. Set a rimmed baking sheet on top of them, bottom up.
  • Now have your child position one foot in the center of the sheet — thereby evenly distributing the pressure — and then slowly step on with her full weight. It’s a wobbly undertaking, for sure (an adult should serve as a spotter), but our testers reported that even a 56kg parent climbed on without a pop.


5. Photobooth

Besides all these games and activities that may entertain the kids, we have also seen many kids enjoy photobooth very much during birthday party! They are allow to pose crazily with props prepared according to theme. When kids have their own entertainment, adults are free to chitchat with friends and enjoy the foods without worrying their kids.