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Date: 12th september, 2013
Time: 12pm – 6pm
Venue: Asia Pacific University

As Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner Asia Pacific Universities has organized this wonderful event. In the same time 123cheese would like to  wishes you and your family a Happy and blessing Mid-Autumn Festival.

Six beautiful fairy from the moon.

Six beautiful fairy from the moon.

As that day “Asia Pacific Universities” students organized an event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, all of the student are having fun capturing photo with these seven beautiful ladies that falls to the earth. In the same time when the student having  fun the lecturer and tutor  from the “Asia Pacific Universities” are also enjoyed taking photo in 123cheese photobooth.

chang er 3 chang er 2 chang er 5

APU student feels excited when they saw 123cheese customized props  with the white backdrop that the organizer requests. All the people that had stop by 123cheese photobooth that day also leave with a big wide smile on their faces. They were very satisfied with the photo that they had taken that day.

boys boys1

Every students and lecturer from APU that stop by 123cheese photobooth that day will also receive an instant printing photo right after they finish capturing their photo on the spot. This is the photo layout design by 123cheese photobooth. This Instants photo can make it as a gifts or souvenirs that will make all the guests of that day reminiscent the moment that they had in Asia Pacific Universities.

Last but not least We 123cheese photo booth would like to say a million thanks to Asia Pacific Universities for inviting us to your great event.

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