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Date: 30th November 2013
Time: 3pm – 7pm
Venue: Bukit Bandaraya, KL

By three years of age, the birthday celebration is gonna start to be fun and wild as the children are aware of what birthdays are, and are excited to celebrate with their very own birthday parties! Besides, if he/she attends nursery, he/she will have a small circle of friends and have been busy developing his/her social skills. So invite his/her friends is a must for the birthday celebration! However, the parents need to keep the birthday celebration simple yet memorable for their toddlers.

We went to Aisha 3rd birthday celebration on the last day of November. We were very impressed by the decorations and candy bar! Everything was so cute yet nice! Forgot to tell you, the theme of this birthday celebration was Tinker Bell and friends and it’s such a lovely theme for 3-year-old girl’s birthday celebration.


The main door.


It looks like we are at the pixie cottage!


Aisha and her mum, Camelia


The cute birthday girl, Aisha


Delicious mini tarts and mini muffins.


The fabulous candy bar!


It looks tasty!


The flowers and soil that can be eaten!



Birthday cake.

123Cheese photo booth was set up in the house to let Aisha and her friends enjoy the photo shooting. They were very happy and excited when they saw their photos appeared on the LCD monitor! *we are providing live preview* On the other hand, all the parents were given the chance to take family photos at 123Cheese photo booth and the taken photos became part of the collections for their family photo album. Isn’t it great?


Can you see the Tinker Bell props that we customised for Aisha?






Besides photo booth, there were also having face painting, beading booth and mini nail spa for all the kids! And the host also invited the clown and magician to entertain the kids. Lots of games and activities were prepared too, such as chicken dance and roll their body with toilet paper.


All the kids were enjoying the show.


It looks like a mummy!



Happy Birthday, Aisha!

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