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It’s always fun to add an extra entertainment on your wedding.  Photo booth must be your 1st choice.  Why? Because other than the enjoyable moment taken during the whole event, you can also add more joy by making your guest to wear funny wedding props.


This prop can help liven up the photographs season.  Imaging when your mother in law wearing a big mustache and playing small guitars with an Afro hair.  All those fun photography moments  is your safekeeping or to distribute for your guest as a wedding souvenir.  All those fun photography moments  is your safekeeping or to distribute for your guest as a wedding souvenir.  Check out the list of ideas great wedding props you may add in your wedding photo booth:

Feather boas: Who says feather boas are only for a girl?  Trust me it can be really fun for guys too. There are so many selections of colors such as pink, blue, purple etc.  The bigger the feather, the funnier it can be.


Nerd glasses: This glass is very easy to find nowadays in a very low price.  There are many types of nerd glasses such as the round glasses (like Harry Porter), geeky, rock and roll glasses etc.

Antique frames: If you have unused frame your house, get it out, spray them with paint that either matching your wedding color or metallic color.  Using these props, it can help your guests to “frame” themselves.


Bridal veil: Wedding without bridal veil is incomplete.  You can try to make your own veil by using a headband and tulle or you can buy into it in the mall (usually in the children’s section).

Fake flower bouquet You already got a veil, so complete your wedding props with a flower bouquet.  Just to make some fun pose such as recreating the bridal bouquet toss.  You can buy fake flower from the gift shop or craft store.

Usually when you rent a photo booth, they are already preparing all of these funky propsfor you.  But if you think it will be more special if your guest wearing props make by yourself, then don’t limit yourself. Just do it!  Furthermore, because the props are yours, you may encourage your guest to take their favorite props home.  So, other than the photo itself, your guest can have an additional souvenir to take home.

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