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Some of us are gifted with a great imagination and creativity. Some of us don’t. Whether our designs are great, or not, imagine having your own designs and illustrations on daily household items like pillows, aprons, mugs and even bags! Won’t that just be magnificent! Well, now you don’t have to imagine anymore because there are so many websites out there that offer personalized printing services to consumers for both amateur and professional designers. If you’re great at designing, then why not turn that to a means of gaining profit.

One of the great deals of these kinds of websites is their easy to use online design tools and their awesome, high-quality ready made products that you could use for inspiration in making your own. Their user-friendly interface and their aesthetically pleasing web layout will surely pull in potential designers to create new and unique items. Now that we’ve established that designing is NOT a hassle, let go on with the list of electronic print on demand websites that you could go on to turn those ideas into reality!


DIY Gifts & Personalised Gift Ideas - Printcious.com

Printcious is a play on word “Printing” and “Precious” which is where their catch phrase “Print Your Precious Gifts”. They hope that their customers are happy no matter they are giving their customised gifts to someone or receiving customised gifts such as photo t-shirt, custom mugs, jigsaw puzzle, personalized throw pillow etc from someone, as they always believe that “Giving with Art is Giving with Heart”!



While CafePress focuses more on their ready-made designs for their consumers, they also understand the need for customized items, since customizing products are becoming popular in this day and age. Although they don’t have as many products as the other customizing-focused printing websites, their quality makes up for that. As their website focuses on uniqueness, their customizing tool is easy to use and focuses on photo printing.

And, if your focus is more on profit-raking designing opportunities, then these two websites would bring most profit per dollar for you:

Design By Humans

Their name, Design By Humans (DBH) says it a lot about how the company operates. There’s no wonder that this e-commerce website gained 4.8 stars in the Google Customer Review. They have high-quality t-shirts and their consciousness about the environment and problem of sweatshop and child labor attract similarly minded customers who don’t mind spending a little more for their frame of mind. And if you are interested in the pop culture and games, and want some amazing royalties, then DBH would be a great place to start selling your art pieces. Although they do not have many items in their inventory, their quality makes up for the lack of items.


This famous e-commerce website hailing from the land of Kangaroos with their simple yet attractive logo is starting to become one of the big names in the electronic print on demand business. With their slogan, ‘uncommon designs by independent artists everywhere’, they surely deliver! There are so many beautiful designs that you can look up for inspiration to create your own shirt, tapestry, studio pouches and much more. You can sell your artwork with a good price and royalty, and don’t doubt the outcome! It will surely turn out great with RedBubble.


When you hear Zazzle, you automatically think of the unique and catchy name. Why is it called Zazzle? Well, according to Urban Dictionary as having ‘style, charisma, or flair’, and that’s what Zazzle products are like. They are able to dazzle you. You can get a load of items from this very popular website that creates items based on-demand. This US-based company has a lot of items that you can customize like hats, magnets, t-shirts and even zippo lighters and their printing job is incredible!


Society6 is not a foreign name to artists since they provide a comfortable and safe platform for budding artists and well-established artists alike. The artists are also able to support each other while getting commissions while they’re at it. The website is very chic and If you want high quality but affordable art prints, then Society6 is definitely the place for you! You can upload your artwork and create items for yourself if you are not interested in selling your artwork, but why not share your creativity with the world?

Although buying an item with your own design would be super exciting, but if designing is not your forte, you can get ready made designs that suit your taste and preference. The websites above not only provide a platform to create your own designs, they also provide beautiful ready made designs by other designers and artists that you can get ideas or merchandise from.

There you go. The 6 online design tools available for you to customize your own unique gifts. But surely, we can intrigue you more to visit our own website, Printcious as we house a large selection of unique gifts to cater for any events or special occasions in your life. Create the best gift to be given to your recipient today.