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Throwing a birthday party for someone? Alright!

Well, this means you need to prepare a lot of things. From birthday cake to birthday decorations to birthday invitations, you have to make sure everything is perfect for the birthday girl or birthday boy.

Already got the birthday cake and all the important things in the F&B department settled? Okay, it’s time for the decorations. And yes, decorations are important when it comes to any kind of party, not just for birthdays. It’s because people usually take pictures to commemorate events or parties like this. So, if you’re the one in charge for the decorations, you have to keep a few things in mind.

Here’s 3 things you should know.

  • Table decorations

This one is kind of an important one.

There’s the table for the birthday cake, a special one for the birthday honouree. Just a small table for wish-making and cake-cutting, and make it round so that the guests can gather around the table as they sing the birthday song in unison.

There’s also a table for food and beverage. If you’re doing it buffet style, you can have a rectangle table that is placed at a corner, for easy access and also so that it won’t take up so much space in the party area.

And there should be a table for the party guests to put the birthday presents that they bring for the birthday girl or boy. No need for elaborate decorations on this one but make it pleasing to the eyes nonetheless.

  • Seating place decorations

This is basically where the party guests will hangout as the party goes on.

Anyway, just a heads up, for seating place or seating arrangements, you don’t have to make it so rigid because well, this is a birthday party, not a wedding reception.

So, for the party, you can throw a few bean bags and push some couches together. Don’t think too much on the arrangement. Just do what feels right. Make sure the seats (bean bags, couches, love seats and chairs) looks pretty and not too close to one another, so that people can just sit back and relax as they enjoy the birthday party. To make it extra comfy, you can always place cute throw pillows randomly on the seats.

  • Photo-taking area decorations

Now, this one is important if you’re throwing a birthday party for someone who is keen on taking pictures (beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pictures) to post on social media accounts. You have to prepare a corner for photo-taking purposes.

This corner needs to have a pretty backdrop or background or tapestry of some kind, a chair or two, and decorative items like a pot of plants or anything else that is aesthetic enough and Instagram-worthy.

Or you can easily have a birthday photo booth at a corner and the photos won’t just be digital anymore. Your party guests can have their pictures printed instantly. And you don’t have to worry about photo-taking area decorations since you can have great backdrops, fun party props for the photo booth and even professional photographers to make sure that you can immortalise the party in great pictures.

Check out your options for photo booth rental service and you will definitely be the one who throw a great birthday party!