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More and more newlyweds these days would like to hire videographer not merely for wedding ceremony and reception, but also require a story, atmosphere and standard. This is why professional wedding videographer becomes popular today. A professional wedding videographer requires much effort and investment from shooting, voice recording and editing. At the same time, videographer needs to come out with a series of work that able to touch the newlyweds’ heart with high satisfaction. Here are some wedding videography tips available for you by Griffin Hammond, the former host of the now defunct YouTube Channel.


Image by Angelo Desantis

  1. Bridal shows and business cards are a good step, but the most influential tool is word of mouth.
  2. Offer to shoot your friend or acquaintances’ wedding, or offer to do it for a stranger at little to no cost. Getting something for your promo reel is the key.
  3. Broadcast to the world that you are a filmmaker that wants to shoot weddings, regularly – without spamming – post on your Facebook and other social networking sites that you are looking to do some weddings and eventually someone will take you up on it.
  4. Tell a story, record as much as possible and give yourself options when it’s time to sit down at the editing table
  5. Quick interviews with the bride and groom are a great way to add a personal touch to the film. Overlaying that audio with b-roll of the wedding party getting ready is a great way to move the story along.
  6. Glidecams are great tools for getting perfectly stable and steady ‘in motion’ shots.
  7. Setup as many cameras and microphones as possible. It is better to have to cut stuff away than to not have it at all. As mentioned above, give yourself as many options as possible in the editing room.
  8. Be prepared for things to not go as planned. It is always great when they do, but you need to be prepared to go with the flow if things are not exactly as planned.
  9. 5 Hours of footage turns into 1 hour of edited footage.
  10. Deliver as high quality downloads as well as on DVDs (or Blu-rays, if you are just that cool)